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Male Labrador Fertility at 6 Years of Age

I am looking to breed our six-year-old full blooded Labrador female with a friend's dog. The dog is also a purebred Labrador. I am curious to know how

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Hip Replacement for Labs

Reader Question on Hip Replacement Followed By Suggestion From Our Vet We have a female black lab that is just 12 years old but has been showing signs

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First pregnancy

Reader Question on Labrador Breeding Followed by Suggestion From Our Vet Should you breed a Lab during her first heat? Suggestion From Our Veterinarian

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Looking for Adult Chocolate or Yellow Female Lab

Looking for a chocolate or yellow female labrador retriever 1 to 3 years old, with full registration rights. Prefer AKC. We live on a large farm in the

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Dana Branch

Beautiful , healthy 6 week old Labrador Retrievers for sale to good homes.$500.00

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Black Labrador - Jake

Ears of fluffy velvet Malteaser brown eyes, Otter tail for wagging Head noble and wise, Faithful, inquisitive, friend of all friends, Dependable, gentle

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Maggie 💕

This is my sweet baby Maggie at 10 weeks old. As the looks of it she is a Dudley Lab. She is full of energy and LOVES to play! My boyfriend found her and

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Why is my Labrador Losing Hair?

Reader Question:: Help for a Lab that is Losing Hair My 7 month old Labrador Retriever is suffering from thinning hair. Every time I turn around it appears

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Treating Regular Labrador Ear Irritation

Reader Question: How to treat dog ear irritation? My 6 year old lab has a regular ear irritation, he has been allergy tested but came back with really

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ISO Chocolate Mini-lab in PA area

We are looking for a mini-lab pup, prefer chocolate, in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey area. We would consider a rescue pup or an even older

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