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Why Do We Love Our Labs?

The answer is pretty simple - if you want the perfect picture of doggie cuteness and loyalty than a Labrador will fit the bill. Labs are loyal and faithful companions for their owners.

As their name suggests, Labradors are excellent retrievers and one of their surprisingly pleasant attributes is the fact that they have extremely soft mouths.

Apparently, a Lab is able to carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it though I have to say if my Labs got an egg in their mouth they would simply eat it. They have capricious appetites!

Though they were bred as hunting dogs Labs do not have the inherent aggressiveness and poor temperaments of some other breeds and have very few, if any, negative traits in their nature.

Blessed with a great degree of inquisitiveness Labs will often follow any new scent or person they come across and can be quite determined in their pursuit especially if they think there is a tasty treat at the end of the trail.

Health wise Labs can be prone to being overweight. Their incredible appetites and ability to eat anything put before them means that their weight needs to be carefully monitored. Other health issues which can affect the breed most commonly include problems with hips and joints including the awful condition known as hip dysplasia.

Thankfully, most Labs will not encounter any health problems and will prove to be the perfect companion for all members of the family from the youngest to the eldest.

So, is there really any wonder that we love our Labs so much!?!

Readers Labs

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Readers Labradors


We are working on some new pages for the site on which we will be showcasing Labrador videos.

We have put on a page with a video of our two resident Labs - Whiskey and Pippa Fourpaws - and I would be delighted to know what you think or if you would like to see more videos (maybe with your own Lab as the star).

To see the video just follow the link below:

Labrador Videos

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