Get Brand New Labrador Retriever Ebook For Only £2.75


The Labrador Retriever Ebook Guide

Whether you are an experienced Labrador owner, about to bring your Lab home, still looking for the perfect dog or simply in love with the greatest breed of them all then the Labrador Retriever Guide is for you!

Everything A Lab Owner Needs To Know!

Packed with information, hints, tips and advice this labrador retriever ebook is a one -stop owners manual for all Labrador lovers.

From finding a breeder to Lab proofing your home to training your new (or old) dog - everything you need is in this book.

Advice on:

* Where to find the ideal puppy for you and what to look for in a breeder

* Tell tale signs that will tell you that you have found a dog and a friend for life

* How to puppy proof your ome and garden

* Great tips and techniques on training your Lab so that you are the pack leader and not the dog!

* How to choose the right dog food and how to make your own for a special treat

* How to keep your Labrador fit and healthy

* Health advice and information on common Labrador issues including hip dysplasia and cancer

* How to look after your dog in her later years

* And so much more !!!!!

Thats the good news! The even better news is that

The Labrador Retriever Ebook Guide costs just £2.75 (approx $4.50)

"Great value for money and very useful ebook" - Francis

"Great information. Excellent" - Kevin

"A very good source of information and advice" - Tia

The book runs to about 80 pages and along with great information contains loads of great new photos of the most adorable Labs ever!

Contents include chapters on choosing your Lab, bringing her home, caring, feeding and training her and looking after her from puppy to senior dog - along with lots of great information on Labrador health and welfare.

Because it is an ebook you can be reading the Labrador Retriever Guide within minutes and the instant download from the Paypal secure servers offers a risk free, and instant, transaction.

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