A Guide to Popular Labrador Links And Resources

The following Labrador links feature websites and resources that we at the Labrador Retriever Guide hope will be useful to our visitors. The links are organised into different categories which will be added to as this site evolves.

Recommended Dog Sites

The Happy Dog Spot

The Happy Dog Spot provides information and tips to help keep your canine companion happy and healthy for life. Topics covered include dog adoption, dog care, dog first aid, dog illnesses, dog food, dog travel, dog safety and much more. The Happy Dog Spot endorses a natural approach to dog care.

All About Goldens

This is a unique and informative guide for Golden Retriever lovers. Covering all aspects of the Golden Retriever breed including raising and training Golden puppies, breeding and whelping, general health care, and everyday issues of living with this beautiful breed of dog.

Dog Health Guide

One of the largest resources on the internet for dog health information. Filled with videos, pictures and information on canine diseases and conditions. Includes a free service where you can ask a Veterinarian a question on common problems such as dog eye infections, ear infections, allergies and skin care.

Jack Russell Terrier Pictures

Guide to everything Jack Russell. Learn why this is one of the most popular breeds for anyone that lives an active, outdoor, lifestyle. Jack Russell's are one of the smartest breeds, and are absolutely adored by their owners. Because they are so smart, they need to be frequently engaged with mentally challenging tasks or exposed to the outside where they can entertain themselves for hours.

Dog Health Handbook

This resource is the perfect way to get up to speed on a range of dog diseases and conditions. The site features articles written by veterinarians on a variety of topics. The site has in-depth information on some of the most common owner concerns such as canine allergies, parasites, skin conditions and diseases and dental care. 

Labrador Ebooks

Dog Food Secrets

Training Your Labrador Puppy

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