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It’s hard to believe but there is a real need for Labrador rescue centres.

How on earth anyone can bare to part with a Lab is beyond me but, just like any other breed of dog, many, many healthy Labs are abandoned on our city streets every year.

Why You Should Adopt A Lab

As a breed Labs are justly renowned for being a great family dog. Their easygoing nature, loyalty, playfulness, and ability to be trained quickly, make them an ideal pet for families, especially those with children.

If you are considering bringing home a Lab to your family, than you may like to look into bringing home dog that is looking for a new home that are housed in the many dog shelters in this country.

These are dogs that were living with a family, but now needs a new home. Most often, these dogs could not be taken care of properly, for whatever reason, by their previous families.

Sometimes, the dogs were taken from situations that were not healthy for them by local authority dog services or the police and now need a loving family to take care of them.

For more information visit our Rescue A Labrador Retriever page.

There are many advantages to bringing home a Lab. The breed is an excellent pet for families because of their easygoing temperament.

They are friendly, playful, and loyal. They can be easily trained, and because of their patience, are good candidates for families with small children.

Labs are also very protective of people they know, making them good guard dogs, as well.

One of the advantages of adopting a Labrador rescue dog is that, in many cases, the dog will have already have been trained.

That means you do not have to spend a great deal of time teaching your new pet what it needs to know, and can focus on giving him a loving home.

However, since Labs are, by nature, intelligent and quick to learn, they can easily be trained even if you bring home an adult Lab..

Another advantage to giving a dog a new home is the ability to match the personality of the dog with the family.

It is often hard to tell what the personality of a puppy will be, but with an adult Labrador rescue dog, you can see if the dog is more outgoing, quiet and independent, or rambunctious, and decide what kind of personality would be best for your family.

This greatly lessens the chance that you will want to bring the dog back or regret bringing it home since you will already know what the dog is like.

Dogs that have been re-homed also "take" to their families very quickly. Since many of them were given away by people who could not properly care for them, these loving and friendly dogs will immediately latch on to their new families, craving the love and attention they did not previously receive.

This makes the bonding process go much quicker when you adopt a Labrdaor, and they quickly become a part of the family, unlike other dogs that may be nervous about a new home and new people.

It is an old saying but also a very true one in my experience; a dog brought home from a Labrador rescue centre will be the most loving and loyal companion imaginable to its new owners.

Just because a Lab does not come from a breeder does not mean that dog is not going to be the best dog for you.

Labrador rescue dogs are wonderful pets, and just as friendly, patient, and loyal as any other Labrador retriever.

They need loving homes just like any other dog, and with the advantages of the loving nature, lack of training needed, and ability to match the dog's personality with yours when adopting a Lab you will find that you have chosen a lifelong companion when you bring home a Labrador rescue dog.

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