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Important Things You Should Know Before Using Control Tools

When looking to correct unwanted dog behaviors or practicing training techniques there is a difference between training and control. There is a place for control devices but it is important to know how to properly use them. Here are some things you should know before using control tools. 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are the second most commonly registered breed with the American Kennel Club. The only other breed that outranks the Golden Retriever in popularity is the Labrador Retriever 

Shocking Pet Foot Ingredients

Do you realize what goes into commercial pet food? It can be down right gross, not to mention quite unhealthy for our pets. If you feed your dog commercial pet food, you need to know what's in it. 

Canine Bloat

Bloat refers to the bloating of the stomach. Essentially it is a build up of gas in the stomach which is unable to be released. 

Rescued Dogs Training Tips

Rescuing a dog from a shelter or off of the street can be noble but they require special training to rehabilitate them. Learn how to properly train and rescued dog. 

Constipated Puppy? Tips And Advice For Owners

Sometimes puppies get constipated, and no-one wants to see their new puppy struggling to 'poop', or crying in distress. Luckily there are some simple ways to treat occasional constipation in puppies, and things you can do to prevent it happening again. 

Pet Friendly Moving Companies

Finding pet friendly moving companies is an important thing if you will be moving with your animals. Learn what to avoid and how to find the best company with this article. 

Your New Puppy - the benefits of using natural products and remedies

Your new puppy is relying on you to keep him healthy and happy....... and using natural dog food, treats, supplements and remedies is a big step in the right direction! Learn more about the benefits of natural health care for your puppy right here. 

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