Why Golden Retrievers Are Best?

Golden Retrievers are the second most commonly registered breed with the American Kennel Club. The only other breed that outranks the popularity of this dog is the Labrador Retriever.

They are dually coated. The outer coat is silky and soft. The undercoat provides the necessary extra layer to maintain proper body temperature throughout the year and repel water when hunting or participating in water activities.

The Golden Retriever was originally bred to be a hunting dog because they are instinctive retrievers. This makes them ideal as a hunting companion, particularly for bird hunters that typically are hunting in rough terrain and/or areas with water. They are not pointers or well suited for flushing out game like other breeds such as cocker spaniels or Blue Tick, but they will swim in rough, cold water to retrieve game or charge through thick bramble and brush to locate and return with the prize.

Moreover, they are one of the most popular family pets. One reason for being a great family dog is because of their calm and easy going temperament. This type of lab are good around children because of their tolerant disposition. Golden Retriever will generally be far more patient of the clumsiness and irregularity of a toddler or young child than other breeds.

These type of labs are excellent service dogs. They are used by police and military, and are considered the best dog breed as a therapeutic or seeing eye companion because of their gentle disposition and temperament.

Because Golden lab Retriever are athletically inclined, highly intelligent and possess a strong desire to please their owners, they perform very well at dog obedience's competition. They also have a high energy level and are fun loving dogs. One of their favorite playtime activities is to play fetch. The Golden Retriever loves water which makes retrieving a stick or tennis ball from lakes, ponds, rivers or tidal areas a great deal of fun, but also prepares them for hunting conditions which is one of their strongest skills and instinctive characteristics. Their high level of intelligence makes them strong candidates to do very well in obedience training.

Their friendly and affectionate personalities also make them ideal visitors for retirement homes and allow them to be effective therapy dogs as noted earlier. The Golden Retriever breed is ideal for families and children because they are so even tempered and calm natured. They are eager to please and want to be your loyal companion. This breed requires vigorous and regular activity to stay mentally stimulated and physically healthy.

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