All About Black Labs

Black Labrador Retrievers, also known as Black Labs, are one of the most popular dog breeds for families, especially those with small children.

They are balanced and friendly and are not overly excessive about their territory. They are not aggressive and enjoy entertaining themselves or taking a long nap in a sunny area.

Along with their agility of the comes gentleness. They have been known to carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it!

Their “people” licks and kisses are soft and the Black Labs are safe to hand-feed.

Puppies can usually be adopted at 7 to 10 weeks and can grow to 50-70 pounds making them a dog full of girth yet playfulness.

Our Black Lab, Chloe is an adventurer! If there is something new to be found on our property, Chloe will find it and play with it for hours.

Another Labrador trait is the triumph they feel when catching a bird; most Black Labs will bring the bird to their human owner for recognition of, “look what I have done’ – though many owners may not share their dogs sense of joy!

Labs do shed, perhaps not as much as the Yellow Labrador, but they do shed twice a year or once if they live in cold climates.

They do require brushing to keep their hair follicles healthy and if you have children, you can rest assured they can play for hours with a the dog with no fear of aggressiveness.

When tired of playing, a Lab will simply stop and take a nap.

Along with exploring and playing, they love water. Our Chloe will often jump into our water pond of flowers not particularly interested in anything other than that nice cool water feeling.

While our dog is a home trained pet, others are used for their purpose as a working dog and work on farms. They are known for their strength as well as their agility.

And they can be both “in their own world,” or “in yours.”

Chloe becomes very upset if she hears people arguing on the television or hears my children fighting. She wants to break it up and lick everyone back to happiness.

Labradors easily sense if something is wrong and out of my four dogs, she is the first to hear someone walking up our lane.

Because of their dedication and playfulness, they are a very popular breed of dog and an amazing 6 out of 10 dog owners chose a Labrador as a pet.

While they may be the first to invite a stranger into your home, they may “kill” them with kisses, licks, and stand on their hind legs to greet the stranger.

These wonderful dogs are mellow and can be very fast and athletic. If not trained when young to listen to cues from their owners, they can grow to be what some might call, on their own program.

Females are happy to play alone or with people, where the males are constantly full of a puppyish energy.

It’s important if you decide to own a Labrador as a pet, to contact breeders in your area that are member of recognized canine associations and have clean kennels and are knowledgeable about the breed.

They are a great family pet that will enjoy you as much as you enjoy them. Be careful to leash train them early and let them know the ground rules when they are young.

Because of their independent nature and love of exploration, a grown Labrador that doesn’t know the boundaries may be a tough nut to break.

These dogs are a great family pet investment and if you choose a one, be prepared for lots of kisses and adventures that will endear you to your new puppy or dog.

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