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If you have a black Labrador training is essential and pretty easy, provided you start the process early.

Black Labs make the lovely, sweet pets able to live alongside the entire family, including young children.

But they are also independent and boisterous animals, so unless you can train them properly when they are very young, you could be stoking up problems for the future.

Even when the Labrador is fully grown, he will remain lively, so it is important that certain boundaries are set as early as possible. That can only be achieved by training your Lab as early as possible.

This training and preparation for life with the family can begin the very day you bring your Labrador pup home.

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Black Labrador Training Crate

The Lab pup should be given his own space with toys, as well as a crate with a blanket for him to sleep him. The blanket will help the pup rest and sleep peacefully as he will be able to smell his own scent.

Some people claim that is wrong to keep a Lab in a crate, particularly when they grow older. This is a false assumption. The crate gives the Lab his own sleeping space and helps him feel secure.

Until the Labrador pup is aware of his new surroundings it is important that he is never left to wander around unsupervised. This is partly for the Lab pup's safety, but also it stops him doing what all pups love to do, claw and chew property.

The pup should also be kept an eye when he is in the garden or yard to ensure he comes to no harm.

Like children, a Lab pup can misbehave. How you deal with the misdemeanour's is crucial. Never shout, but use a firm voice when correcting them. Be positive without being cruel, so never smack the Labrador pup.

With black Labrador training it is also very important to make the sessions interesting. So make sure the sessions are never too long and have a reward for the pup for when he demonstrates he has responded to the training positively.

As your puppy learns his training and realises just what the boundaries are, the task of training will be come easier. Eventually it will take just a tug on the Labrador's leash to correct his behaviour.

When your Labrador is properly trained you will understand just why the breed is one of the most popular breeds among families.

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