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Labrador eBooks

There are many Labrador ebooks and other generalised ebooks which the Lab owner will find very useful. 

We have included a list of currently available ebooks below.  The reader has the choice of clicking straight through to the home page of the website offering the ebook or, in some instances, you may read our review of the book.

Most of the books deal either with food/diet or training and there is some very valuable information within them.  But, as with everything, quality varies but we will do our best to review each product we list on this page.

Dog Training Labrador eBooks

Secrets to Dog Training

Dog training ebooks are divided between those that provide a  training program or those that address specific behaviors. For a training program, it's worthwhile to review the course Secrets To Dog Training.

Over 220,790 dog owners have used 'Secrets to Dog Training' to turn even the most difficult dogs into well behaved members of society. But don't just take my word for it! 

Click here to see a FREE 4 minute video that reveals an exercise that can help your dog finally listen to you...without having to touch, scold or yell at your dog..

Dog Training from Cesar Millan

The New York Times Best Selling ebook and DVD series is written, produced  and offered directly by Cesar Millan. His training course is probably the most purchased in the world including titles such as "be your dog pack's leader," and "dog behavior issues." If dog training is your topic of interest, then learn about everything Cesar Millan has to offer here.

Dog Food and Diet

There is a raging debate in the veterinary community between raw foods for dogs and commercial dog foods. Each makes a good case. On the commercial side, well known manufacturers have spent years experimenting with the optimal combination of ingredients needed for a healthy dog. There are over 40 components in commercial dog food, with each having a role in dog nutrition. Beyond the science, most commercial manufacturers adhere to the AAFCO standard, which is an agreement between food manufacturers regarding minimum quality standards for supporting a healthy dog. Most Veterinarians support this standard as being adequate for healthy dogs.

Proponents of raw food believe that a dog diet should be closer to what a canine would find in the wild. This includes protein from animal sources. This group believes that dogs in the wild instinctively find the food the need. Even when sick, they know what plants to eat to heal whatever illness they are suffering from. The challenge is that an owner would have to figure out the correct balance of raw ingredients and supplements since regardless of how the dog lives, the environment they live in still has some restrictions.

Dog Food Secrets falls on the side of constructing your own canine diet. It reviews why the author believes that today's commercial industry does not provide the nutrition dogs and puppies need.

To order a copy of the book and see a video on this dog food book click here or read our review of Dog Food Secrets.

Labrador eBooks

One of our favorite books on Labradors is the "Everything Labrador Retriever Book." This book by Kim Thornton is a complete guide to raising caring and training your Lab. It's often our go to reference for everything Labrador.

Free Dog Recipe eBook

We've taken our favorite dog recipes and combined them into a free ebook for everyone that subscribes to our free monthly Labrador newsletter. Why do we do it? it's our way of giving you an excuse to visit our site, learn a little bit more about Labs and maybe support our advertisers.

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