Get Tips for Labrador Retriever Dental Care

Labrador Retriever Dental Care is essential daily for any pet owner. Disease caused by poor dental care can lead to Labs having problems with their hearts, lungs and kidneys.

Unfortunately may owners do neglect this aspect of looking after their Labs yet their vet is perfectly able to provide the care the dogs need.

In fact many vets now examine teeth and clean canine teeth as a matter of cause during check ups.

As an added precaution owners should ensure that an annual appointment is made with the vet specifically so that Labrador Retriever dental care can be specifically addressed.

Periodontal Disease

Dog breath. It’s not a nice expression but it’s not a nice proposition either especially for the Labrador owner.

My Labs love nothing more than showing their affection by slobbering and kissing my face. And, believe me, the experience would be far from pleasant if the dogs suffered from periodontal disease.

But what is it?

Basically if a dogs oral hygiene is neglected then it will develop bad breath and dental disease which can cause a real discomfort for the dog.

Eventually the teeth will rot causing all sorts of problems for the unfortunate Lab.

Labrador Retriever Dental Care

To prevent problems with teeth or gums good dental care is essential.

Dry food and tough but chewy toys will help keep a dogs teeth healthy and clean but the gumline, which is a vulnerable area, is often not reached by these means.

To offset this the owner should settle into a regular routine of brushing the dogs teeth with a suitable canine toothpaste.

Please don’t be tempted to use human toothpaste on your lab as the ingredients will cause stomach pain for your Labrador.

Your vet will be able to recommend which dental products will be best for your dog.

At the Vets

When undertaking a regular appointment or during a pre-arranged dental visit a vet will carry out a number of procedures to ensure the dogs teeth are healthy.

Dental x-rays can be taken and consulted and the vet may also choose to scale or polish the teeth to remove plague.

The vet could also use fluoride to try and seal the teeth from plaque attacks.

The bottom line to proving dental care for your Lab is that a dog with healthy teeth and who has proper dental care will be a happy dog who could have several years added to his life expectancy.

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