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We had a lovely chat this week with a lady who is a local canine behaviour specialist. She did admit that Labradors can be amongst her more ‘challenging’ clients but we had asked her advice about our oldest Lab, Whisky, who is quite a nervous fellow.

She did recommend some homeopathic remedies that we could try but she also introduced us to the ‘Tellington Touch’. I must admit that I hadn’t heard of this technique before but it is basically a way of touching the dog that helps adjust behaviour or even assist recovery from illness.

Now, I am the biggest sceptic going when it comes to things like this, but I was impressed at how my Labs reacted to their ‘massage’. You can learn more about this technique at http://www.tellingtontouch.com/whatisTTouch.shtml (don’t forget to come back!) but to summarise their website “TTouch - the Tellington TTouch - is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence - a little like "turning on the electric lights of the body."

The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions. Developed by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), this method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.”

Canine Cancer

What an awful subject. We do have lots of articles on the site regarding this horrible disease and how it impacts on our Labs but this week received news of a new product called Canine Cancer Secrets. It is a combined ebook and video course that looks at causes and alternative cures and treatments for canine cancer. You can learn more at the Canine Cancer Secrets website who claim that ‘Canine cancer is getting out-of-hand & becoming an epidemic.

Veterinarians have been expressing a growing concern in their professional community for several years and now the dog owning community is catching on.

See these 5 very alarming statistics:

1. Your dog is 2 times more likely to develop leukemia than humans. 2. 4 times more likely to suffer from breast cancer than humans. 3. 8 times more likely to develop bone cancer than humans. 4. An incredible 35 times more at risk for developing skin cancer than humans. 5. Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs

Source: VPI Insurance; Morris Animal Foundation’

If you would like to know about this product visit:

Canine Cancer Secrets

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