All About Yellow Labrador Retrievers

So what is it about yellow Labrador Retrievers that makes them such a popular dog with people all around the world?

Well, just for beginners, is there anything quiet so cute as a yellow Lab puppy? Labrador puppies were the reason that the word cute was invented.

But of course it is much more than just puppy dog charm. But before going any further let’s take this opportunity to dispel one of the great myths that surround these beautiful dogs.

There is absolutely no difference in characteristics, behaviour traits or temperament between yellow, black or chocolate labs.

Many people will tell you otherwise and will insist that yellow Labs are more friendly than blacks and that chocolate Labradors are more aggressive than the other two colours.

But, believe me, there really is no evidence to back up the myth that the different colour Labradors possess differing characteristics.

But, having said all that, there is one thing about yellow Labrador Retrievers that cannot be denied, they are widely perceived to be the most friendly dogs around.

When anyone, dog lover or not, sees a yellow lab their first reaction is something like ‘aw isn’t he lovely’, and the second is to immediately start petting the dog.

And the ‘friendly dog’ tag is very well deserved. Yellow Labs are the most gentle, loving and loyal dog that you can possibly imagine. Or at least most of them are!

There are always exceptions to everything and a case in point is that my own yellow Lab, whilst he is the most daft, lovable and friendly guy to all of us in the family, he is very wary around visitors to the house and it will take quite some time before he is prepared to be petted by them.

But, generally speaking, yellow labs really do deserve their place as the nations favourite dog.

The best witness to this is the fact that so many are chosen to be companion dogs for the infirm and blind, as therapy dogs and trained for various tasks in the police and security services.

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