by Mike
(Jackson, NJ, USA)

This pup has brought so much joy (and frustration! lol) into my life. Due to an unfortunate turn of events i had to move in with my father and his wife (at 25 years old) in a fairly secluded area away from anyone i know.

They decided to buy me a dog for a companion and i've wanted a yellow lab since i was a child. We took a ride 3 hours away to Lancaster to look at a litter an amish family was selling. It was at night and pitch black out, but the one chilled out pup in the back of the excited crowd caught my attention. I just grabbed him, and the namely Bradley just came to mind out of nowhere.

Anyway, he's so smart and a real sweetheart. I'm pretty sure he is a Dudley. Pink nose, gums, and around his eyes (which are the prettiest eyes i've seen on a dog!).

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yep great eyes
by: rusty farrell

Hi you guys, i got molly-pop a chocolate lab 5 weeks ago (she is now 4 months old). I sold everything-bought a 5th wheel and we travel all the time. Finally heading north to UTAH & WYOMING - FOR CAMPING/HIKING FISHING ETC... She is too cool for school too!!! I'll post her pic soon. take care you two - Rusty

by: Anonymous

My Gracie will be 2 in June and has the most beautiful eyes also, she to is a dudley.She looks exactly like your Bradley.

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