by Fiona

Do you have to do this to me?

Do you have to do this to me?

Hi my boys name's Brodie.

I got him at four months old, from someone who has lost out in a great freindship. He is really great fun and has help me more than I can say in words.

We are both fat and have been trying to help each other loose weight. We've been trying really hard and from Spring this year we have been going out biking until recently two or three times a day.

The weather recently has restricted the amount but we still try to bike at least once a day, walking just doesn't seem as much fun to him as a run on the bike.

Brodie loves it and at times has been the one to keep me going. He does have his moments when he would rather be curled up in bed or on the couch but normally once we get going he's pulling me round the journey.

Unfortunatley neather of us have lost any weight and I'm more dissapointed for Brodie that me, since we have both been trying very hard.

I found out last month that he has put on another 2.5 kg, he has put on 12.5 kg in 18 months since he got castrated and I'm desperate to get it back off before it causes him any health issues, which I'm hoping hasn't happened yet.

Brodie will let me do just about anything without the slightest complaint as you can see in his picture, he just looks fed up and I get nothing but big sighs.

But I still get the best welcome home ever no matter if I've been away 5 minutes or nearly all day.

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losing weight
by: Anonymous

We tried for years to get the weight off of our Brodie with no real luck, until we tried feeding him 1/2 of his kibble and lots of steamed veges.

I steam up green beans ,broccali, carrots, squash,and pretty much what ever we have in the garden and mix with his food, along with some chicken broth or a small amount of baked chicken.

HE LOVES IT!!!!! and has lost over 25 a little over 8 months.

Brodie's weight
by: Howard Luttrell

Hi, I have a female British Lab--Ginger--she too is overweight. People just can't help giving her a treat.

I'm hoping to find a way to help her (as well as me) lose some weight. She loves her walks, but I've not taken her when I ride my bike, mainly because she always wants to stop and sniff everything along our walk.

Not sure how she would do running alongside my bike, but I think I'll try it now that you said your dog liked this.

Good luck with Brodie.

Labs are the most special dogs ever!!!


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