Charlie - my new puppy

by Sue
(Austin, Texas USA)

Charlie the Labrador

Charlie the Labrador

Charlie is a rescue from a neighbor who did not feed him enough and made him sleep out in the elements as a 3 month old puppy. I now own Charlie and unfortunately he is bossed around by my 5 yr old Maltese and 5 yr old Mexican Hairless Chihuahua. They are learning to tolerate him LOL. He is very smart and high energy -more than I remember of my previous labs. He is smart - he learned within one day to play fetch with his ball and Frisbee and brings it to me and drops it at my feet all without me asking him too. He does over eat - working on that but I think its because he was not given enough when he was younger. He is now 6 months old. He loves to travel in the car and I have taught him to walk on the lease in about 1 1/2 days (not to pull). He is very attentive to me and will lay where I am - kitchen, living room, bedroom - Oh he has to sleep with me or he cries. He does not like to be apart from me and I am working on that. He is small for a Lab. His legs are stocky so I am unfamilar with his breed. His chest is mostly white now - I only have owned black labs that weighed 60-80 lbs. I don't think he will get that big. Just a bunch of love. He now barks if he hears a noise or sees someone around me he doesnt know. All love.

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