Charlie, Woody and Buster

by Krissie
(Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK)

Charlie Dog (14 years)

Charlie Dog (14 years)

Charlie is a grand old 14 years!!! (Main photo and the small photo on the left.)

Still going on nice walks in the woods... what a lovely old boy he is!

Woody is 11 (small photo, centre) and still as mad as he was when he was a pup.... he has very grey eyebrows and snout.... but still looks like a naughty little pup to me... and oh what a character... I could tell you some hilarious stories about him if ever anyone is interested.

Then there is Buster, he is now 5, (small photo on the right) a big chunky chocky lab whose original mummy gave him to me....she must have been mad... he is so lovely, kind, soft, placid.... a lovely boy.

And they all get along splendidly with me, Krissie, their mum, in my little 2 bedroomed house.... such good friends!

If anyone in the area would like to go "walkies", I would love to hear from you.

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