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Chewing Wood
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me that he is bored, you must buy him a full shin bone to gnaw on. He will love it!!
My dogs gnash away on anything too, the best thing that I ever did was buy them bones.
After all he could chew something that could hurt him and that would not be a good thing.


yes, provide him with a lot of chew toys and nylon bone's,and balls that you can hide a treat in you can get them at petsmart.

Don't leave him out by himself, we have learned with our Gracie that boredom is always the key and we keep her occupied.

She is just 17 mo's. We are with her at all times and when we are not she goes in her inclosed bed"for a nap"as we call it. We have found thru trial and error that you have to look after them like you would a 1 or 2 year old child.
Always into something. I hope this helps.

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