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by: Bear's Mommy

I had a yellow with this problem. At the time we had a Vet who mixed us a special ear cleanser that contained lactic acid with iodine.

This cleared the infection which seemed to worsen seasonally.

The next year when it came up again, the Vet had sold his practice, without so much as a postcard, and the new vet wanted steroids and Valium - ask your vet about the lactic acid cleanser and the proper amount of iodine - hopefully he/she has heard of it and you can give it a try.

Chocolate Lab ear issues
by: Chris P

I did two rounds of antibiotics, and now am doing a daily preventative by Dermapet-pH 8 Alkalinizing Broad Spectrum Cleanser. A few drops a day massaged well.

It is working after many moths of ear infections. My vet indicated that if this did not work, we would need to look at diet and environmental issues.

He is eating a good food that he does not inhale and vomit-so I am thrilled with the preventative solution. It is working!!

My dog is a house dog-only outside when I am right there with him or walking him-not a whole lot of interplay with other dogs.

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