by Mark Sadlier-Brown
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)



We got him at of 6 years old from a relative. He was the sweetest most gentle dog I have ever seen. He loved to be around people. He was 100% trustworthy around children and babies.

One time he was allowed into a bar in Southern Alberta. The band started up and people got onto the dance floor. Clarane saw this and got up on the dance floor with the dancers (after he went behind the bar and ate all of the cat food). He just wandered around enjoying the music and the company. He very rarely barked or made a sound except to howl along with passing fire engine sirens.

He was very cuddly and always liked to be in physical contact with us. He was just happy to rest his head on your foot as you watched TV.

For his last few months he got very sick. We tried to extend his quality of life as long as we could but in November 2010 we had to put him down. He was 17 years old.

This picture of him really captures his soul. Everybody who met him loved him.

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