Dog Coughing Problem in Lab

by Kevin Robinson
(Rome, PA)

Yesterday my Lab started getting the dry heaves. She acts like she's trying to cough something up, but nothing comes up except some white liquid - like stomach liquid. She seems to do this a few times an hour and once it's over, she seems normal. She eats and drinks OK.

Any idea what may be the matter?

Vet Suggestion for Treating Dog Cough

Hello Kevin,

Based on your description, I am unable to determine whether your dog is coughing and bringing up phlegm or vomiting mucus and other stomach contents. Because she is eating and drinking and seems to feel fine otherwise, this does not sound like an emergency situation, but if her condition is not back to normal within a day or so or worsens at any time, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

It is possible that she simply has a mild respiratory infection or stomach irritation that will resolve on its own, but more serious diseases (e.g., foreign material lodged in her respiratory or digestive tract) can also cause these types of symptoms. In this case, her condition could worsen without appropriate treatment.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Oct 20, 2014
Heaving Dog
by: Linda

I have a 12 year old chocolate lab. He's always lived in our house. He doesn't like to be out much.. Did I mention he thinks he's a human boy... Well this evening he's been throwing up a lot.. sometimes it's his food other times it's looks like mucus. He lives with ear infections and has Posatex for that. He takes 2 Synovi G4 once a day and the vet said he's loosing his eye sight. What is your advice on my dog?

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