Dog Mating After First Heat

by Mrs Jade de Ridder

How do you know when it is safe to reunite your dogs after her first season? One day she had discharge and the next day she had none. Her uterus wasn’t swollen and there was no discharge. I thought she had finished her cycle but the following day it was back with thick white discharge and some clear discharge?

He didn’t show any interest at first. The next day he was trying to mate so I separated them again. That’s when I noticed the discharge back again and the swelling? I haven’t taken any photos but can take some if needed.

Veterinarian Recommendation on mating during first dog heat

Hello Jade,

Oftentimes a female dog’s first heat is erratic. They can even undergo what is called a split heat, developing signs of estrus (swollen vulva, etc.) but they do not ovulate and go out of heat. Then, several weeks or months later, they do it all again but do ovulate. Your dog may have experienced something similar.

Typically, subsequent heat cycles are more predictable, and owners can use a resolution of vulvar swelling and discharge as signs that the dog is no longer in heat. That said, I always recommend owners err on the side of caution and wait an extra couple of days before bringing their dogs back together.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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