Ginger Belle-Part 2

by Howard Luttrell
(Owensboro, KY)

4TH Birthday Party!

4TH Birthday Party!

I posted an article on here a couple of years ago: "Ginger-My British Lab". Ginger is now 5 years but hasn't changed much at all.

Loves people, loves other dogs, never meets a stranger (in hope of getting petted I assume). She has a new friend that she loves to have come over or to go visit.

His name is Jack and is a black lab that is the total opposite personality as Ginger's. He has been raised as a great hunting dog and has been extremely well-trained by his owner. Jack and Ginger get along great.....she seems to get along most with male dogs.

Watching them play is always fun and provides such great exercise and doggy interaction for the both of them.

Ginger has her own facebook page and invites friends. Since she was a Mississippi dog I added the middle name "Belle" and she can be found on facebook as Ginger Belle, Owensboro, KY.

Ginger Belle's owner,


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