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Shock collar
by: Jay

Some labs, especially male labs, need a little more motivation than other labs. We had this probably with one of my hunting dogs. The collars normally run from 150-250 bucks and you would be very surprised how much they work. When you give him a command and he doesnt obey give him a little shock and they will do exactly want you want them to do.

Hard Headed
by: Krista y Levi

These darn labs! They are VERY smart. And have TONS of puppy energy. And yes, they are a bit hard headed.

I've raised them for about 40 years and know that you can begin training them practically immediately -- they really ARE learning every little lesson you impose! They just don't typically act upon their knowledge, or exhibit their trained behavior, consistently until they hit about two years old.

Be patient. Let them play n get their wiggles out in those first years. And keep up the training. At two years old you will have the most perfectly well-behaved loyal protector you could ever have wished for. And they'll remain so for the next 8-12 years!!

Totally worth it!!

by: Ashley

I hope you recovered quickly from your accident.

This is my first labrador, and I now understand why the guy we got her from called her the Houdini of the litter.

She was 6 wks when we got Mojo and we had to work hard to train her. She was about 3 months when we got her the underground fence and the older she is getting the more hyper she is getting. In fact this morning she drug her own doghouse to our proprty line!

It does take a lot of work and commitment to your animal but you need to let your dog know who is boss. Make sure to reward your pup with treats for good behavior, and if you work away from home I recommend the Kong toys to keep him/her busy all day.. Good luck!

Leader of the pack
by: Wayne

Like all dogs, the Labrador is a pack animal. It sounds as if your dog thinks he is the pack leader.

Every trainer will tell you the first thing any owner must do is establish themselves as the pack leader and make sure their dog knows this.

With your lab being a year old, it is going to be harder to establish yourself as the pack leader. Use a stern harsh voice when disciplining your lab.

Talk to your vet or conduct some research on dogs and pack leaders.

Hope this helps.

stool problem
by: aj

my year old black lab,since a pup,never can
empty her colon quickly...nor in one place...
the amount of stool seems to be far greater than
her intake....and it may take 3 plus minutes
before she is finished.

Lab Lover!!
by: Brenda

Hang in there and be persistent.

It seems awful for now but it can get better. Labs love alot of exercise especially when they can run loose.

Let him know you are boss. Work with him as much as you can with a stern but friendly voice.

I have had 3 myself with one just like yours and it took alot of patience. She had a rough start and we got her at 6 weeks but she did improve.

Trust me when I say it is so important to interview where you are gettiing your pup from. Look the litter over well, observe the parents if possible.

It is hereditary with alot of issues. Watch how they interact with there owners, children etc.. My Vet helped me with all of this with our 1st one but was impulse with the 2nd. Had I explained the the situation to him he would have guided me elsewhere.

Unfortunately some are more hyper then others but try reading some really good lab books for obedience training.

We worked hard,tuckered them out each day before bed especially and most important gave them all our love.

If they see you get frustrated and angry it can make them worse.

by: Lesley

Sorry to hear about your accident,I hope you are feeling better.

Is Jake getting plenty of exercise off the lead?

My lab's just turned a year old and she always gets naughty when she's bored,doing things she knows she should'nt do.

Perhaps Jake needs to burn off some energy?

Best regards,


by: Anonymous

My dog used to be very hyper so we started taking him on at least 2 walks a day and that made him tired so he was much less hyper.

My dog also pulled alot on his leash so we got him a harness and that worked there is also head harnesses you can get to and I have heard that they have worked really well.

Hope this helps.

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