by Pavithra
(Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

Cute Pup

Cute Pup

he is named jack.

Young, strong, Mischievous little sweet boy.
He likes biting us... that playing with a chew toy.
He is 60 days old. please let me know when to start his training.

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Training Jack.

Jack is 60days,so therefore he must be 8weeks old. This is an ideal time to start his training,and puppy socialising(socialising jack only with puppies and dogs that have had their full vaccinations).

You can start training jack to sit,walking on the lead,stay etc now.The earlier the better.Also take him out to towns,markets,people meeting etc but carry him,just to socialise him with lots of noise,traffic people,to get him used to everything making it easier for you guys as he gets older.

My husband and I have a black lab also called jack we got him when he was 8 weeks and started all of this when he was that age.

Train him for 5 minutes a day as his attention span is very short and he will soon become bored. Remember to make it fun and enjoyable so that each time he will associate this with a good experience Our Jack is 5months now and is coming along nicely although there is still a few hiccups but lots of love and patience are getting him there. good luck! By the was your Jack looks perfect.

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