Kasey Shadow &Kaley-Mae

by Brenda
(Stetson,Me. USA)

My family is blessed with 2 beautiful black labs.

One is 10 1/2, the other one just turned 1. We got our latest one to keep our older one active.

We will never go without having 2 together again. They keep each other so much company and our older one has lost 8lbs. since we got the pup. They are just like having 2 more kids in the house.

Naturally we spoil them rotten but they are definitely worth it. They make our lives so much more complete. They have helped us through some difficult times with family health issues, job changes etc..

My husband is disabled from cancer and got so bored home alone everyday but now he spends alot of time with the girls. There is just something about these girls that melts your heart.

Several of my sons friends in the past year also got new lab pups and now they know why we love ours so much.

We have play dates at our house where we get them all together till they wear themselves out. I have had dogs all my life growing up but there is something special about the labs. They are so affectionate, lovable, loyal, playful etc...

My life will never be without one now. My hopes are to have one of each color eventually.

I have tried to upload pictures but will not let me submit them, any suggestions???

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