by katie
(kailua )



when my husband and i got married in march 2010, we moved into our house on base. it was EMPTY! neither of us had ANYTHING to our name since we were young service members... so one day, strolling through the mall on the way to see a movie, we stopped by the pet store like we had a hundred times before.

we looked at all the cute little "mini" breeds and ooohed and aaahed at them and we made our way to the back of the store. there he was. the only one left from the litter and looking absolutetly pitiful.

SO we asked the store to get him out so we could look at him. he was just a tiny little pudgy ball of skin and fur and just the sweetest thing. he loved my husband instantly. well, we never went to the movie! we took our new puppy home and it started... the CRYING at night... the poop... the messes at night. we didnt have a crate yet so he was free to destroy the guest bathroom! a few days later, we went and purchased a crate and almost INSTANTLY our little poop machine was potty trained! he has been an amazing little adventure... well now a very LARGE adventure. hes our boy though!

he has some how picked up the nickname "rooster" or "kimbo-roo" from the way he HOWLS to this certain techno song and when hes ready to go outside when everyone is asleep still...
my husband and kimbo wrestle like 2 rough and rouwdy boys. its the funnest thing to watch as they romp all throught the house, up and down the stairs over the couch around the island in the kitchen all to end up chilling on the couch in a matter of 15 minutes.

kimbo really is mans best friend. well... not any man... just my husband :) we love our kimbo and wouldnt be the same without him! kimbo is now a WHOPPING 100 POUNDS!! and still a big ol teddy bear :)

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