Labrador and Canine Arthritis

by Carm

I have a chocolate lab. he is 19 and will be 20 in December. He has arthritis, weighs 80 lbs. and he takes 100mg of capprofen once daily.

Lately he has been having more stiffness in the morning, and falling more often. He is still eating and drinking and is social. Because of his age many have told us to have him put down since the condition will just worsen.

We will appreciate input. This is very difficult.

Vet Suggestion for Canine Arthritis

Hello Carm,

Carprofen is a wonderful pain reliever, but there is more you can do to keep your dog comfortable with regards to his arthritis. Carprofen can be combined with other pain relieving medications like tramadol, amantadine, and/or gabapentin, which together will have a greater effect than any one drug alone.

Also, treatments such as acupuncture and cold laser therapy as well as nutritional supplements (e.g., Dasuquin MSM) containing glucosmaine, chondroitin sulfate, and other ingredients known to help with joint health can all go a long way towards keeping arthritic dogs comfortable. Talk to your veterinarian or a veterinarian who specializes in the treatment of chronic pain about what types of additional therapy he or she thinks stands the best chance at being successful in your dog.

With the recent development of so many safe and effective ways to treat dogs with arthritis, we can help most animals remain comfortable even at an advanced age.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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