An Alternative Guide Of The Labrador Retriever Dog 

The Kennel Clubs breed standard for a Labrador Retriever dog can be read here but I thought it might be fun to reveal what the ‘standard’ means in reality. 

General Appearance

Beautiful. Labs really are the most gorgeous looking dog. But, underneath that lovely coat, is a tank. Labs can be very strong!


For such a highly intelligent animal the Labrador Retriever dog can be an absolute plank. They can, and will, do the most strangest of things and each and every Lab is a great little character.


Soft as a brush. Loves to play and has endless patience when playing with kids - or adults for that matter!

Head and Skull

Huge. Lovely large head covered with wrinkly fur and a nose the size of Concorde. A Labs nose is a truly wonderful thing and many a puppy owner will be heard saying, “It’s OK he’ll grow into his nose.” 


As above! The KC breed standard insists that a Labs ears shouldn’t be large or heavy. But, whilst not weighing much, a Labradors ears can look like Dumbo’s – especially when the dog is still a puppy.

A Labrador Retriever dog loves to have his ears pulled and rubbed when playing. When I had two Labs at home the elder bitch used to love laying on her back whilst the younger dog licked her ears!


Teeth are very sharp, but harmless. Labs can be very clever and dexterous with their mouths. A favourite party trick of my Labrador is to remove my earring when we are playing. Fortunately he always gives it back.


Very strong with a lovely thick coat which Labs love to have ruffled.


Built like a German Panzer tank. Square and broad, the Labrador Retrieverdog is nevertheless beautifully suited to its body. Hopefully you know what I mean by that! Perfect in other words.


The pads are well developed and a Labs feet are round like a lion cubs. My Lab has feet the size of North America. They are huge.


A really attractive feature of the Lab is its Otter like tail with its thick coat. Almost guaranteed to win any waggy tail competition Labs like to shake their butt when happy which makes the tail even more animated!


Very short and dense but many Labs can resemble trees in autumn in the way they moult. A Labrador owner always needs a powerful vacuum cleaner.


Although Labradors are only medium sized dogs they can appear much bigger especially when launching themselves at you to sit on your knee, which they love to do. The phrase ‘dead weight’ must have been invented by a Labrador owner.

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