The Labrador Puppy Protection Against Parasites

No matter how well groomed your Labrador puppy is. No matter how well cared for. He is still at risk of developing a worm infection or a flea problem.

But the good news is that it is very easy to protect your pup and to keep him free from those annoying infections.

There are many proprietary pet parasite control products on the market that you can purchase from your local pet store or your vet and these will protect your puppy from the two most common parasites; worms and fleas.


These horrible little creatures are attracted to a Lab pup by his body heat though even his breath can be a magnet for the little critters. The problem comes of course when the flea starts laying eggs on your pups skin and they can produce up to thirty eggs a day.

Fleas cause great discomfort and irritation to a dog with younger dogs potentially at risk of losing red blood cells and contracting anaemia. This can be fatal to very young dogs.

Another potential hazard is that your dog may ingest a flea which can lead to tapeworms.

Keep your Labrador puppy healthy and active by protecting him from fleas by using any one of the many recommended parasite control products available from pet stores.


The huge problem with worms is that they can live inside your dog and be undetected for weeks and months. It is often very difficult to know if there is a problem.

Tapeworms or their eggs can be easily picked up from raw animal flesh (birds etc) or from contaminated soil. If your dogs ingests these worms or eggs they will soon spread around his body ending up in the intestines where they can cause real problems.

Pregnant bitches can infect their own puppies as the worms can migrate directly into the puppies in the womb.

Preventing any dog from picking up worms is difficult if not impossible but by regular use of worming treatment any infection will be quickly controlled.


There are products now on the market that can control fleas and worms in a single monthly application and these are highly recommended such as Frontline. In addition to a spoton product, consider adding a homeopathic supplement formulated to boost the dogs natural immnunity such as Parasite Dr..

The easiest way to keep your dog fit and healthy is by early prevention rather than waiting for symptoms to show themselves.

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