Lily, Ford and Murphy

by Misty
(Vancouver, WA USA)

Ford and Murphy

Ford and Murphy

I now have three labs, one black and two chocolate pups (both 8 months old.)

Lily is my princess, she is a 7 year old black lab. Ford and Murphy are my chocolate pups and neither are particularly princely...ornery little guys. :)

Initially I only had Ford and Lily, but one of my co-workers could not keep Murphy (Ford's brother) and he came home with me just last week.

I can't tell you how much fun these dogs are. Those pups have been a riot, they sure keep me on my toes.

Bringing the second pup home was a blessing as it gave Ford someone to rough house with and poor Lily got a break from being pounced on constantly.
They really are the greatest dogs, just non-stop love all the time.

I hope all of you enjoy having labs in your family as much as I have enjoyed having mine!


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