Mary & Joseph

Mary and Joseph are littermates from a mother who was part lab and collie and a dad who was lab and shephard mix.

Joseph looks like a pretty standard black lab but Mary had more of the shephard in her.

From the day we brought them home they were inseperable and could not function unless the other was by their side.

Joseph was much more active than Mary due to problems from birth but she made up for it in many other ways. Neither dog was raised around other canine pals but surrounded by human companions all the time.

If a person came in to a room without addressing Mary, she would sit at their feet and look up at them until they extended their hand to her.

If she got impatient she would lift her paw and tap you on your knee until you made notice of her. Joseph was the more independant of the two and Mary required all of the attention.

The day after their 10th birthday Mary let us know that she was ready to leave us and be out of pain that she suffered from a hip and spine disorder from birth. She ailed gracefully and when we saw that she had enough and we humans had to make the humane decision to let her go. We knew it was time and sadly let her go to be out of pain and suffering.

The night she passed almost 18 months ago Joseph dragged her bed through the house until her was situated by the front door.

Till this day, Mary's bed is still there and Joey waits to see if she will return. He looks for his favorite stuffed black doggie and Mary's little stuffed cow and lays with them in the bed. He moves from the front door to his own bed when he is ready to be with the family. The love and affection these two animals have shown to all of us in their lives is a true testiment to loyalty and love.

My hope is for when it's time for Joey to go and be with his little sister again that he finds his way and rejoices and knows that they will never be apart again.

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by: Anonymous

That's so sad. I'm sorry for you. My dog is 11 and has some arthritis in his hips.

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