Maxxe - "The Hyper One"

by belle victorio

Maxxe with my daughter Quim

Maxxe with my daughter Quim lab's name is Maxxe....she was a gift for my children last Christmas of 2008....we really wanted a pet, specifically a dog and should be a Labrador...first choice would be a chocolate lab but then i think it's rare so we opted to have the yellow kids prefer to have large breed dogs rather than a small one....i remember that day when I got Maxxe from the breeder....she's just so cute and cuddly!...she's the only girl and the only yellow lab...all of them were black...we're just so excited to bring her home....everybody's happy when we first brought out Maxxe from the box! Her friendliness made us closer to her and even worry that much if she doesn't feel's nice having her at home...she is so hyper! She is definitely like Marley (from the movie) daughter would always play with her and when she is about to go to school, she will give Maxxe a hug....but me, she doesn't give even a kiss at all!'s just so fast and we didn't notice that Maxxe is really growing big...I know that she is sometimes bored and feel lonely if kids are in school....we just love her even my's like another kid for us....hopefully she will grow up behaved and friendly....

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Hi !!!
by: Anonymous

You have a great family member there.

I have a labrador retreiver too, but her coat is like that of a rottweiler.

She is so hyper, when we first got her she was our baby, until now she still our baby, ( I think we spoiled her too much).

She can make me laugh and smile even to the busiest and hardest day ever. I can't wait to see her everyday, bacause when i arrived she will be all over me licking my face like she had never seen me for the whole year.

I just love dogs, they will love you unconditionally. She can understand besso(kiss) and abrazo (hug).

by: Howard Luttrell

You couldn't have gotten a better dog. Retrievers are friendly, loving, and just wonderful dogs. Sounds like you have a wonderful new family member. I posted a story: "Ginger: My British Lab". I honestly wouldn't take a million dollars for her. Careful with the table treats, they'll stop wanting to eat their own food and want yours too.
Don't know if you've read my post or not.
PS: Mine never stops shedding so cleaning up hair is a continuous process. :)))))


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