by Paula Sapala
(Ann Arbor, MI)

The gift :)

The gift :)

My Father's wish, as he was told there was nothing more to be done for his heart, was to have his childhood dog, Brownie, again. Today is my Father's last Birthday at 88.

I am an animal lover, and as I have been blessed with triplets and another son a year later, our home was filled with animal companions, 14 to be exact, and 16 of my children's nearest and dearest friends. Life was joyfully chaotic!

Though the "children" are now 22 and 21 I have continued to share my life with my beloved animal companions. The years have taken most of my friends.

After my father's Dr.s appt. I knew my parents were not able to have a puppy but I was and I wanted to bring joy to his days.

I now have my own business and it was perfect timing, summer, to add a family member. My daughter, who is studying Pre Vet. Med. and I went to our local Humane Society in Ann Arbor, MI. A litter of Chocolate Lab puppies had just been neutered and were ready for adoption. We found our Mina! Chocolate as a Hershey bar with crystal green eyes. We just looked at each other and smiled, done deal!

We drove directly to my parent's home and with my father's back to the door happily placed the baby in his arms. My daughter cried, she had never seen her Grandfather so very happy.
Mina now visits Grandpa every Sunday!

Today is Sunday and Dad's Birthday! So off we will go for cake and time to spend with his treasured gift, Mina!
Paula Sapala:)

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