Misty the Labradors New Home

by Rhiannon

About 3 in a half weeks ago,we saw this beautiful black Labrador wondering around our Neighbourhood. So my mum tapped her hand on her thigh and said "come come", and her tailed wagged with joy and her face was as happy as a child with a new toy.

We then took her to the Vets to see if she had a micro chip. She did but there was no owner to be found, but only the Breeders details.So then we were told by the vets to look in Newspapers and checked to see if any one has lost a black lab.Its now been 4weeks and no one has claimed her.So we named her Misty.

In that 4 weeks of having misty, another dog was also wondering around our neighbourhood. So again we took him in, and placed an ad in the lost and found and surprisingly, the owner to the little puppy is the lady who bred misty's parents. So we were so surpprised to see that....Misty is only 18 months old,and is on heat.

We cant go any where cause in rocky the weather is like England. Its been raining here for a week now.

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