Mother of Sandy

by Ellen Milligan
(Trenton, TN)



Rescued this sweetheart when she was around two. By then she had developed a lot of bad habits. She has brought us many smiles and a few headaches but wouldn't trade her for a million bucks! She has selective hearing as most labs do. I certainly wished that I had gotten her as a puppy. Evidently she was once used as a breeding dog, I say that because it is evident on her stomach that she has had a C-section. She must have been trained as a duck dog too as she can fetch all day with commands however she is gun shy. She was no use to the breeder and from my understanding she was an indoor dog. She has a leaky bladder which I would guess that it is due to poor C-section. Nonetheless, we are keeping her! we are her third owner. We have land and run, play, swim and ride around in the fields and go camping. She is my forever LAB! (did I mention that I have NEVER had a Lab, much less a trained dog, so we both had a learning curve; hers was my ignorance and mine was her level of intelligence!)

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