Murphy and Bess

by Kate Parsons

at the beach

at the beach

Murphy is a 9 year old chocolate lab - full of mischief.

I have never come across a dog that is so instinctively in tune with its owner - I swear sometime he can read my mind!

He is definitely a clown from chasing across the golf course to sticking his head in the washing machine and pulling out the socks - he is always up to something. I can't imagine life without him

Bess is the quiet one - she watches everything - we bought her thinking she was a pedigree lab but I believe there is some spaniel in her - which doesn't matter to us because she is well loved.

We got Bess as a companion for Murphy and the two are inseparable - although Murphy is the older and bigger dog - Bess is boss and let's everyone know it!

Whenever we take the dogs for a walk we always say that Bess covers twice the distance that anyone else does as she runs constantly between Murphy and us and her tail has a life of its own it never stops wagging!!

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