My Grandpuppy Tanner

by Jami Daniels
(Chelsea, MI, USA)

Tanner's first day home

Tanner's first day home

Tanner was born April 14, 2011. The first day we brought Tanner home he got out of the car and ran to this bush. He certainly is a camera loving animal. Tanner has had a bumpy road in his young two years of life. Last year he started losing hair on his hind legs. We are working on finding out what he is allergic to. In April this year he became very ill and we found out he was eating plastic, carpet, toys, etc and he had major surgery to remove these foreign objects. We are now seeing a specialist for the allergies so he had the 80 poke test to see what he might be allergic to. We have had him on medicine, he has to have a bath every three days, and lotion applied. He has been through so much but he still loves to play. His new favorite thing to do is have me spray him with the hose. He chases it and tries to bite the water. He has figured out how to dump out his kiddie pool and push it around the yard. Tanner has two older brothers; another black lab (8 years old) and a chocolate lab (6 years old). Each of them have their own personality and I love them all so much.

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