My Labrador Retrievers

by Jade de Ridder

I love my two black labradors <3 I would never own any other breed, We were brought up with a black male lab when we were kids, a family of 7 kids and of course our parents :).

I always said when I get older I want two of my own. They are so loyal,loveable,protective and lots of licks and cuddles. They love to be with myself and my family 24/7,well behaved and very smart,they love the water. every Sunday is there day out so we take them to a fresh water ck or down the beach for a good run and swim,lots of walks.

My male is a year and a half, his name is Bear and loves to get his own lead and says come on mum lets go for a walk and my little girl Karma is only 6 months old so she has been a little bit house bound with having to have all her needles and coming on season but I play and teach her tricks every day until we can start walking her again and taking her out.

When they are together it is a match made in heaven <3,they love each other so much.She has a very sweet nature and is always at my feet or wanna know where i am.They love the company of humans,there never to far away from us.I have two black ones and they are spoiled rotten because they deserve to be,you couldn't ask for a better dog or breed.:)

I will up load photos next time


Jade :)

Editor: Jade, thanks for sharing your experience with the world's best and most popular dog breed.

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