Our Chocolate Labador "MAX"

by Irene Salinas
(Strathmore, California, USA)

“Max-a-Million" our Chocolate Lab was a Christmas present to my two children in 2011.

As a puppy he was full of energy and ball of fun to have around. Now as an adult our Labrador is even more full of energy and somewhat hard to keep under control because of his overexcited tendencies that get in the way of listening to the orders given to him but other then that he is very friendly and a loving companion to have in our family.

He loves attention and loves to chew on anything left in sight for his paws to get on. He loves to play fetch and enjoys to be wet with the hose in the yard.

He also loves getting in our car if he sees that we are getting ready to go somewhere in it. He jumps right in as a passenger, and mind you he is an 80+ pound dog who want to ride in out 2 door Ford Mustang! Imagine that. Over all he is our prize possession and life would not be the same without him in it.

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