The Chipster

by Katey & Paul
(Orange, CA )

The Chipster!

The Chipster!

Chip is a 14-1/2 year old chocolate lab that was a gift from God to us.

We flew him from Montana to California when he was 6 weeks old and he changed our lives for the better.

He is very intelligent, loves kids and other dogs, is very well socialized and has us wrapped around his paws and at his beck and call.

He is elderly now and very fragile - we know our time is short with him but each day is a gift from God and we feel so grateful to have been given this very special guy.

Enjoy your lab- the time with them goes by way too fast! Take lots of pictures, write everything down and save the memories - it goes by too fast to remember it all!

In his youth, he had lots of antics and energy. Like the time we had a dinner party and served meat on skewers (yakitori) and he stole a skewer of meat and ate it. One day later he had his stomach opened and the skewer removed, clean of meat! (yes, we were terrified we were going to lose him)

Or when he steals your napkin from your lap while you eat in the hopes that you'll give him a treat in exchange or roaming the beach, chewing on seaweed!!

He loved to chase squirrels and cats, and once flushed a coyote out of some neighbor's yard!

He will use his eyes to point to what he wants - treats, water, or you! He obeys most of the time and understands he has to be gentle around my disabled sister.

He earned 2nd place in a canine agility contest (this is a fun way to enjoy your best friend and get some exercise), which is unusual for a lab!! (He even beat out a border collie!) He has lots of friends (both 2 and 4 legged): Luther, Raleigh, Bailey, Fortune, Zella (his girlfriend), Max (his buddy), Maxie, Hula . . . Tawny, Jay and Shirley, Bruce and so many more.

He has traveled up and down California, stayed in hotels (did I mention he loves to tear towels?) - enjoying the breeze and sniffs along the way. He has a memory like an elephant and even if years have gone by since his last visit he will remember where to go!!

As each day passes now, we give extra hugs, kisses and treats for he deserves only the best and nothing less, just like every dog.

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