All About Training Labrador Puppies - The Basic Commands

There are several reasons for training Labrador puppies; not least being the fact that very owner wants a calm and obedient dog as a companion.

When it comes to Labs ‘calm’ will go out of the window unless some basic commands are instilled into him at an early age.

The training will be an ongoing process but the basic commands should be introduced first and mastered before trying to move the Lab on to more advanced techniques.

The basic commands to use when training Labrador puppies are:


Your Lab should walk alongside its owner on a loose lead and without pulling. The dog should not walk in front or behind but alongside the owner.


This is a word which most Labradors have a problem with! Labs are well known for their selective hearing an ‘no’ is a command that they like to filter out. Unfortunately, ‘no’ is probably the most important word your Lab needs to learn so keep at it.


Learning to sit on command is a basic skill which the dog will take forward when learning more difficult commands. Mastering the ‘sit’ command is a great foundation for more advanced training.


Another important command which will play a key role in future training. Getting the dog to stay is essential command which can defuse difficult situations such as chasing after other dogs or if the Lab somehow wriggles free of his lead.


Again, this basic command, when mastered, will be a key component of more advanced training in the future.

Training does much to strengthen the bond between the Lab and its owner although it is essential that the owner is the one making the running. In other words, the owner must become the enforcer by being the pack leader.

If you let the Lab become the pack leader (and it is so, so easy to do) than the dog will soon be the one calling the shots. This will lead to all sorts of behavioural problems so the owner must assert himself by becoming the pack leader.

Training Lab puppies can be exhausting and challenging. But is always great fun. And, mastering the few basic commands listed above, will give your Lab the confidence, knowledge and skill to tackle more advanced commands and elaborate training techniques.

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