Learn All About Labrador retrievers

When discovering all about Labrador retrievers one of the many positive things to find is that they relatively easy to train. This means they can be taught to become good working dogs, or a placid pet which can live quite happily among lively young children.

As well as being an ideal family dog, Labs are used by the police and rescue services in their work. Being loyal, the Lab also makes an excellent guard dog. Another side of the Labrador retriever is that without doubt they are an excellent family dog. The Lab, by its nature, can become very loving, especially when given praise and positive attention. Its temperament and personality makes it an ideal pet for children and it will quickly become one of the family.

Labrador Retrievers And Their Energy!

If you are considering taking a Labrador retriever into your home, it is important to realise that they are not only one of the larger breeds, but they quite boisterous and lively.

So do not expect your Lab to be happy lying around the house or garden all day. Labrador retrievers do need to be active.

This because Labs were originally bred to accompany hunters. So while hunting may not be your scene, it is crucial that you ensure your Labrador retriever is able to get as much exercise as possible.

Exercise is also important because Labs do tend to put on weight. So as well as keeping your dog active you do need to keep an eye on its diet.

If the fact that Labrador retrievers are easily trained, a good working and good dog, as well as being a good family dog and placid with children is not enough to tempt you to acquire one, they also come in a variety of colours!

The 'official' lab colours are yellow, chocolate and black.

Yellow Labradors come with a black pigment around their eyes and muzzles, or with a “liver” or brown pigmentation.

The more sleek and elegant Labrador retrievers are black. Their pigment, like their coats, is black. A very popular Lab is the chocolate brown one. Their noses are also chocolate brown.

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