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by: Tam

I have a friend who has this issue with her yellow lab. Her vet told her that it was too high protein in his diet.

Have you had your dog tested for allergies? or sensitivities?

Do you make sure he is de-wormed (from eating other poo), to rule out a parasite issue.
What do you do when your dog has diarrhea?

Raw pumpkin (in the can no spices) is an excellent natural way to add fiber, bulk and make the dog feel full. Add a 2 tablespoons with his meal.

The makers of Accana (Origen) have a great product on the market. Perhaps doing some on leash work before seeking the muzzle would be best.

Making sure a dog understands "leave it" can be life saving.

All the best to you and Baxter!

Baxter's Funny Tummy
by: Pam

Poor Baxter - sounds like the nutrition is going straight through him and maybe this is why he is seeking the available protein in the poop of other animals.

Sounds awful to us humans, but logical if you think of the need behind the behaviour.

If Baxter was mine I would discontinue everything he is eating and start him on Eukanuba sensitive digestion dry dog food. This is complete nutrition and you just need to ensure that you give Baxter the recommended amount each day and plenty of lovely clean, cool water to drink.

If you see him improving (and I think you will), you can gradually introduce a small amount of different food.

Just one new food at a time and record the results to see what he can tolerate.

Gradually you will work out what to avoid and whenever you have a problem just go straight back on to the sensitive digestion food exclusively until he is well again.

I am saying Eukanuba because it is what I used successfully myself, but there may be other brands that have a similar product. I used this method with our golden retriever - this sorted out his tummy and eventually his sensitive skin as well.

I hope the muzzle won't be necessary once Baxter's diarrhoea resolves and he is feeling well fed. Good luck! Big hug for Baxter - get well boy!

Baxter eating poo!!
by: Jeanie

Hi, I had a shih-t-zu that ate her poo also and as she got older it became less frequent.

I know that there is something that can be given to him to help prevent this so I would suggest you talk with your vet about this.

As far as a muzzle I would not do this to such a loving animal as the muzzle is generally used in aggression or sick animals and then for a very short amount of time.

As for his treats , that is a personal decision for you and your husband to make as I am sure he enjoys his treats and I doubt that is causing him to eat his poo.

I am not a professional but I have had animals all my life and I give treats and I also had a doberman that I had to muzzle for vet appt's only and his nails being cut.That's it. I hope this helps you in some way.

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