by Janis

We have a yellow Lab called Baxter and he's coming up for 9 months. Ever since we got him at 8 weeks he's had problems with his digestion and is often sick and has frequent diarrhoea. He's had samples tested and bloods taken but nothing shows any specific problems.

At the moment he's only having James Wellbeloved Junior Fish & Rice. We've taken away all his treats and things like chews but this hasn't produced any change.

Unfortunately he has a particularly horrible habit of eating other dogs' poo, also fox and rabbit ~ in fact he's not at all fussy!

Friends have suggested he may have a rice allergy which is causing the problem and it's been suggested we use a muzzle to stop him eating poo while we are out and even a "zapper" has been suggested but this seems very drastic and I'm worried that if he has a muzzle other dog owners may think he's aggressive and a more friendly dog would be hard to find.

I also think it would upset him. I think that depriving him from his treats and chews is depressing him and I worried his teeth will suffer if he hasn't something to chew on.

So the purpose of this email is to see if any of your readers can come up with any ideas, thoughts or suggestions.

Baxter has become such an important part of our family it's really upsetting to see him looking so dejected and being ill.

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