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Black Labrador Retrievers are one of three groups within the breed, the others being yellow and chocolate.

It is important to note that a black Lab could be born in a litter alongside yellow or chocolate coloured pups.

Dark coloured Labs receive their colour through density of coat pigment granules; dense granules result in black fur while the sparsest lead to pups deemed to be chocolate coloured.

If you want to buy a black Labrador for showing then it must be black all over, including the nose.

A small white spot on the chest is permissible, but not the ideal. A dog with brindle or tan markings will not pass muster.

Choosing the darkest coloured Lab as opposed to its chocolate or yellow counterparts is a personal decision though some owners resolutely believe that black Labs are more intelligent than their yellow counterparts.

But blondes have more fun!

As far as black Labs are concerned, they were used as hunting dogs because of their energy and natural instinct.

Labrador Retrievers are naturally boisterous and that can make can make them a favourite for all the family.

However, there must be caution.

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A naturally energetic Lab can accidentally injure young children.

However, black Labs are naturally intelligent and can very easily be trained or introduced to an obedience programme.

Proper care for any Labrador Retriever is essential.

Black Lab coats, which are luxurious, require proper care and should be groomed regularly. Your dog will also require a proper diet and regular veterinary care.

Fully grown Labradors are an impressive size and require a lot of space, both in the house and outside in the garden.

Being a large dog, a fully grown Lab should not, or more precisely, cannot be confined to a small space.

They need a lot of room to move, run and play, particularly outside.

In short, these wonderful dogs require plenty of space, so a large garden or land close by is essential if you want own one of these beautiful animals.

For some one determined to own a desirable dog, a Labrador is an admirable choice. Labs are obvioulsy renowned as one of the more mellow types of dogs and are great with children.

Black Labrador Retrievers are safe to be left alone with children and the energetic breed is quite happy when playing with a ball, or leaping to catch a frisbee.

Black Labs have a reputation of eating whatever food is put in front of them.

If fed the wrong types of food, your Lab could have a propensity to put on weight, so it is important that the diet is carefully monitored.

However, if the Labrador is given plenty of time outdoors, and allowed the exercise it craves, it should not put on any undesired weight.

If an owner is careful in his choice of dog, a black Labrador will be an ideal pet for both him and his family.

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