Types of Dog Worms

Most owners are aware of the problem of dog worms but how do we recognize them and what steps can we take to protect our dogs from them?

Signs of Infestation

• Loss of weight and appetite

• Dull coat

• Frequent coughing and vomiting

• Lowered energy levels

• Diarrhoea

If you witness any of these bad signs, consult a veterinarian so he can identify the type of worm that’s infecting the dog. There are several types of dog worms with different symptoms and means of removal.


Roundworms are the most common type of worm that affect both dogs and humans. They affect the intestines area and can be contacted through ingestion of infected animals or soil.

Puppies can also be infected before they are even born if their mother has the infection. You can tell by the dog’s pot-bellied appearance if they have a roundworm infection.

Make sure you take your dog for check-up and deworming right when you notice these symptoms especially if vomiting is involved.


Hookworms attach themselves using their sharp teeth to intestinal walls and suck blood from there no matter how old the dog is. If you notice your dog having pale gums and bloody stools, the hookworm is the most likely culprit and may cause death if untreated after awhile.

Get rid of these hookworms by having your dog go through oral medications and blood transfusions if needed.


These canine worms are highly fatal if contracted and should be prevented early since the symptoms do not show until the worm reaches a later stage. Coming from their name, these worms are capable of causing heart failure, which leads to death. Infection occurs the same way roundworms infect their victims.

Heartworms can be prevented as early as 6 months of age just by going through a series of medications. It is the best way in avoiding the deadly effects of the heartworm.


Tapeworm also reside in the intestine areas and are visible to the naked eye just like roundworms. It’s a very long and flat worm that can still move even when it’s in pieces.

Contact is usually made through ingestion of infected fleas. Abdominal pains and itches in the anus area are the common signs of tapeworm activity within the dog.

Tapeworm infections are quite complicated and cannot be fixed by over-the-counter means. Make sure you contact your vet right away for an injection.


These dogworms are very similar to hookworms in terms of the damage they do. However, they are much more difficult to eliminate compared to all other worms. Any symptoms leading to anemia or flatulence are the destructive work of whipworms.

Prescribed medications are the best ways in treating from whipworms. It is a good idea to use the same preventative measures in avoiding heartworm infestation.

To avoid any kinds of dog worm infestation, make sure you and your dogs are clean and free from any contact with fleas and faeces.

These two are the most common causes for general worm infestation and preventing them from occurring should prevent your dog from suffering severe sicknesses.

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