Get Tips for Labrador Retriever Grooming

Labrador Retriever grooming is a fun activity for both dog and owner.

Each will get great pleasure out of it and even better for the owner is that Labs, unlike many other breeds, don’t require much looking after.

Labs do require some care and grooming although we don’t just mean brushing; bathing and nail care should also be included in the regular routine.

Bathing Your Labrador Retriever

Labs don’t need to be bathed very often. Too much bathing will damage their coat but sometime s that batch just can’t be avoided! Most Labrador dogs love water. And bath time is a time of great excitement and adventure for all.

When you bath your Lab be prepared. You will usually end up just as wet as the dog!

When bathing your Lab avoid all human soaps and shampoos. Use only a specially prepared doggie shampoo such as Naturasil Herbal Shampoo and ensure the water in the bath is only lukewarm; very warm water is very uncomfortable for Labs and cold water will give him a chill.

It is very important to rinse the dog thoroughly. Any left over soap, especially in the ear canals, can cause very serious skin problems.

When drying the dog make sure he kept out of droughts which is easier said than done as the usual reaction of my Labrador dogs after a bath is to run madly around as if their tails are on fire with me in hot pursuit waving a towel.

I said earlier that most Labs love water and having a bath. The pictures on this page are of Darcy for whom bath time was an absolute treat.

But my other Lab, Whiskey, is the complete opposite. He absolutely hates water!

Hopefully your Lab is like Darcy and will enjoy his baths.

Labrador Retriever Grooming

Labs love being brushed and fussed. I have to say one of the joys of being a Labrador owner is sitting in front of the fire on a winters evening grooming a Lab that has snuggled up with you.

The less romantic version of Labrador Retriever grooming occurs in spring and autumn when your Lab will typically shed enough hair to stuff a mattress with.

Brushing is very important during this time and a good brushing will help to pull out a lot of the air rather than waiting for it fall out naturally all over the furniture.

For general brushing a flat brush with metal pins on the opposite side from the brushes will be ideal and your Lab will really enjoy the gentle motion of the brush on his coat.

Don’t apply pressure to the brush or toy will find you are scratching the dogs skin; which won’t please him at all.

Supplements can also help to improve the shine and healthy coat appearance. Choices include a natural product such as Skin and Coat Tonicwhich contains herbs, nutrients and biochemic tissue salts known to support the skin.

Dog Nail Clipping

I must admit this something which makes me cringe. So I don’t do it. I let the vet take care of it.

But, nail clipping is a vital part of Labrador Retriever grooming which must not be ignored. Allowing a Labs nails to grow too long can result in very serious damage to the dogs foot. Ideally nail clipping should be carried out at monthly intervals though dogs will vary.

Those living in an urban environment won’t need as much clipping as country dogs purely because walking on concrete will naturally wear the nails down.

Nail clipping should begin when the Labrador dog is still a puppy. As with everything else; once he is used to having the procedure done as a puppy it won’t bother him in the least later on in life.

Ensure the clippers you are using are sharp and be aware not to cut the nail too close. If, like me, you are truly uncomfortable with the idea of clipping your Labs nails, make a regular appointment at the vets. It will only take a couple of minutes and your Lab will feel so much more comfortable.

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